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MAS-AI (Model for Assessment of AI)

MAS-AI (Model for ASessment of Artificial Intelligence) is an evaluation tool that can help decision makers with the assessment of AI technologies.

Assessment using MAS-AI provides an overview of which AI technologies create value, so that they can be appropriately selected, and technologies with no or inappropriate effect can be deselected.

The model is based on health technology assessment (HTA) and developed by an interdisciplinary group of experts, researchers and patient representatives.

An early MAS-AI includes four assessment areas:

1. The health problem and the current use of technology

2. Technology

3. Ethical aspects

4. Legal aspects

A full MAS-AI has five additional assessment areas:

5. Safety

6. Clinical aspects

7. Economy

8. Organisation

9. Patient perspectives

as well as five process factors that are recommended to be considered during the evaluation process.

An assessment using MAS-AI can support the decision-making process when considering the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare as well as increase transparency for all parties involved.

Background for MAS-AI

Until now, there have been no models developed to evaluate the effect, value and consequences of AI, and therefore the Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI-X) and the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) brought together a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals, AI experts, researchers, patient representatives and healthcare decision makers to develop a common framework for assessing the value of an AI solution.

In 2022, the collaboration resulted in the MAS-AI model - the world's first published proposal for a holistic model to evaluate the value of AI in healthcare. Evaluation using MAS-AI can support the decision-making process in relation to the use of AI in healthcare and increase transparency for all parties involved.

Find the model and read a free pre-print of the article about MAS-AI.


Iben Fasterholdt currently has a postdoc in the laboratory of Director Valeria E Rac at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (UHN) in Canada, where she is adapting and validating the MAS-AI for Canada. In addition, MAS-AI is currently being validated in Italy at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia by Prof. Rossana Cecchi.

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Iben Fasterholdt

Iben Fasterholdt

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