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The nurses at the Department of Gastroenterology at Odense University Hospital (OUH) feel that they are in lack of time, resources and energy to give and receive training in various specialist nursing procedures. This causes insecurity among individuals, challenging the patients’ security and can result in the staff not having the expected professional competence.

Virtual reality has in other businesses shown to be a great tool for training and simulate new work procedures, systems and technology, in order du increase the learning outcome and to ensure a realistic learning experience.


The purpose of the project is to test and refine the prototype VR Trainer for virtual simulation of a probe insertion in a practice-oriented and realistic 3D-environment, for it to be consistent with the already very precisely described procedure for insertion of probes. Furthermore, the project is ought to test, how VR Trainer can act as a supplement to education and skill development of the specialist nursing staff. The project is ought to increase the professional quality as well as focus on patient safety, security and consistency when inserting a probe.

Nurses with a lot of experience and different understandings of technology will, in the test cycle, contribute with their knowledge, to ensure that the procedure is executed correctly. These nurses will furthermore bring their experience with communication and patient involvement into play. The health services in Northern Funen’s council, as well as teachers and students from UCL, are, in the last phase of the test cycle, going to qualify VR Trainer and bring their input to how the prototype can be adjusted further, for it to match the requirements for skill training in councils and educational institutions precisely.

The user of VR Trainer will be guided through the procedure, to ensure that it is executed completely safely and correctly, by the means of feedback from speak and visual elements. VR Trainer is developed with anchoring in well-known mechanics from video game development, where elements of guiding and rewarding the user when the wanted behaviour is achieved, is used. With VR Trainer the staff can brush up on and try the procedure and thereby make mistakes without any consequences.

Prospectively, the ambition with VR Trainer is that it will be refined and expanded with additional specialist nursing working procedures.


Start: February 2020
End: February 2021


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The project is financed with 1,011,584 DKK from Southern Danish OPI-funds, which consists of regional industrial development means and means from the European Regional Fund.

VR Trainer, VR Trainer


Mads Thorup Langelund

Mads Thorup Langelund

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