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Being hospitalised often brings forth a lot of worries and challenges and only few distractions or amusements. If the patient’s relatives live far from the hospital or during epidemics like Covid-19, visits are few or non-existent. It can be burdening both mentally and physically, and the lack of visits can lead to loneliness and a feeling of social exclusion. A patient’s mental state is important for the course of the disease, and the virtual museum attempts to provide positive experiences and remove focus from disease and hospitalisation.


The project tests if a virtual visit at the museum can improve patients’ mental health and quality of life during hospitalisation by moving focus from challenges and worries. In addition, the project assesses the maturity of VR technology and if VR can be implemented at  a ward

The project enables patients to see artwork at Kunstmuseum Brandts with a VR headset. It will be possible to see each work from 2-3 positions and get additional information about the artwork through sound, pictures, text and speak.

First step is to develop a prototype which can be developed depending on the project results.


Start: September 2020
End: March 2021


Virtual Museum was  mentioned on the Danish Radio programme Kulturen på P1 the 20. August 2020. Hear the programme here.


Virtual Museum, Virtual Museum


Virtual Museum


Mads Thorup Langelund

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