Virtual pharyngeal swab

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a sudden staff redeployment with it which has lead to big demand for training staff in various clinical procedures, including pharyngeal swabs by suspicion of Covid-19. Traditionally, new staff members are trained by the experienced staff, but it requires a lot of the existing staff’s professional and social competences when the department’s usual operational tasks have to be attended to at the same time as new staff members have to be welcomed and trained in a proper way, and maybe in a whole new work field.

By the means of Virtual Reality (VR), the training can take place in a virtual environment, where the procedure can be practised again and again without risk, and where they can make errors without consequences in order to create security for both patients and staff.


The primary aim is to develop and test if it is possible to simulate the technique of pharyngeal swabs by the means of a practical and realistic 3D Virtual Reality (VR) environment. Secondly, to examine the possibility of VR being a supplement to the education and upgrading of the health care staff.

The VR scenario is developed with a basis in the existing procedure and is carried through by experienced and inexperienced staff in order to obtain a realistic and correct walk-through of the procedure which at the same time is intuitive and inspiring for the staff that needs to be trained. The staff will be professionally well prepared for a virtual environment and will continuously be guided throughout the testing.

Virtual Pharyngeal Swabs is developed with a view to correctly executed pharyngeal swabs in the Covid-19 swab-clinics, but will also be usable for other infections, that can be found by the means of pharyngeal swabs. The developed VR-environment will therefore be usable in training at all hospitals and test centres in Denmark.


Start: October 2020
End: March 2021


If Virtual Pharyngeal Swab shows to be successful, Wacky Studio will make it a part of their VR Trainer-platform which can be used for training clinical procedures.


The project is completed at the Department of ORL – Head & Neck Surgery at Odense University Hospital.

Virtual pharyngeal swab, Virtual pharyngeal swab


The project is funded by the OUH innovationfund.


Mads Thorup Langelund

Mads Thorup Langelund

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