Uffe Kock Wiil – Technical Head of Research

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Technical Head of Research, PhD, professor at the Centre for Health Informatics and Technology, SDU

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Uffe’s research focuses on data – how to collect, analyse, group, sort and visualise large amounts of data. He is the head of research of [email protected], which with a budget of more than DKK300.000.000 is the largest research venture in Denmark within welfare and health technology

A better overview of data gives a better base for decisions within the hospital management, the health personnel and the patients.

”I hope that I, with my background in health technology, will be able to make technology, which will reach the clinic, can be implemented and make a difference for the personnel and the patients. At the limit we are helping with saving human life or preventing a loss of functional capacity for the patients. That makes sense!”

Uffe is the producer of  SDU’s strategic focus area within welfare innovation.

Uffe has published more than 200 scientific articles and is the editor of a range of international periodicals.

PhD students


  •  Sidsel Willumsen: Methods for Monitoring Availability, Use and Effect of Health Information Technology Systems in Denmark (expected to be completed in 2019)
  • Ali Ebrahimi: A Predictive Model to Detect Alcohol Use Disorder (expected to be completed in 2021)