German partners contribute to the TELEMED database

In collaboration with the Institute of Family Medicine, University of Lübeck, Germany, we are expanding the database on evidence based telemedicine to include the speciality of general medicine.

The database was first published in 2020 and updated with a new literature search in 2022. From the beginning, the database covered all hospital specialities, but now – with the contribution from the University of Lübeck – the database will also include data on general medicine.

Kristian Kidholm, Professor and Head of Research at CIMT, says “ The use of telemedicine in general practice is increasing and has the potential to facilitate workflows for the benefit of both patients, general practitioners and partners, e.g. hospitals. For this reason, it is important that our database covers the field of evidence based telemedicine in general practice, and we are very happy to announce the partnership with Institute for Family Medicine, University of Lübeck”.

The database will be updated with easily accessible evidence based data on telemedicine solutions in the context of both hospitals and general practitioners in spring 2023.

About the Institute for Family Medicine at the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck, Germany,

The institute consists of an interdisciplinary team, e.g. general practitioners, psychologists and sociologists.

The institute conducts research in the following fields (among others):

  • Implementation research in the field of eHealth and telemedicine
  • Developing concepts for the future care of chronically ill patients
  • Under- and postgraduate training research
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Visit the TELEMED database for evidence based telemedicine on

Visit the Institute für Family Medicine’s homepage.hjemmeside.