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The innovation projects always have the patients and their needs as the starting point.

CIMT brings together hospital and university to ensure collaboration, coherence and knowledge sharing between researchers from the university and the physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who are in daily contact with the patients.

OUH Innovation and the unit for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) at Odense University Hospital (OUH) are part of the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT). OUH researchers, who do research within the field of innovative medical technology, are also part of the network around CIMT.

CIMT is rooted in the innovation unit at OUH because it is the hospital – in the form of staff, patients and relatives – that defines what areas and needs we create new solutions and workflows for.


Odense University Hospital (OUH) is an innovative hospital with a long tradition for working with innovation and testing and implementing new technological solutions. For example, OUH was the first hospital in Denmark where all (50) clinical wards switched to an electronic patient journal (EPJ) instead of paper journals. The electronic journal became effective in 2009.

Today, OUH has numerous examples of new technology used to improve and support treatment and workflows at OUH. A few examples are the app My Hospital, video interpretation, telemedical ulcer treatment and digital registration of arrival and application for mileage allowance.

The OUH board of directors focuses on strategic innovation and puts an emphasis on not only finding new projects but also making sure that they are implemented, evaluated and distributed to the relevant departments and patient pathways. Not only at OUH, but in the entire Region of Southern Denmark.


The focus on strategic innovation has resulted in an Innovation Fund of approx. 270.000 euro, which was first apportioned in 2016. The aim of the Innovation Fund is to support innovation projects with the potential to improve patient satisfaction and/or the workflow at OUH. OUH also has an Innovation Day with a prize for the most innovative department or ward. The  Innovation Day promotes the sharing of good ideas at the hospital to expand innovation and development across wards, departments and physical locations.

Odense Universitetshospital (OUH)

OUH Innovation is organisatorically placed near the board of directors with close ties and coorperation with the clinical wards. The central position ensures that OUH works strategically with innovation – aligned with other strategies and with emphasis on evaluation and potential for upscaling.

The clinical wards are increasingly aware of innovation, and the first decentralised innovation unit has thus been established at the Department of Radiology.


CIMT works closely together with OUH’s innovation council and advisory board.

OUH has an innovation strategy to ensure strategic focus and direction for the innovation.

Read OUH’s innovation strategy 2019-2022 (in Danish)

CIMT is an important part of OUH’s ambitions for strategic innovation because the centre contributes to OUH as the most innovative hospital in Denmark. CIMT is a direct result of the OUH innovation strategy.