Telemedical Discharge Conference

The Region of Southern Denmark works on providing the patients with a coherent course of treatment. In 2010, in an intersectoral collaboration with the Municipality of Langeland, Kerteminde and Faaborg-Midtfyn, Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital tested web-based discharge conferences to study if it was possible to facilitate the transition from hospital to home. Through this, the aspiration was to reduce the number of days of admission.


The overall aim the project contributed to, is a rather coherent course of treatment for the patients, entailing that the transition between sectors does not significantly affect the patient.


OUH and the other hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark have invested massively in the implementation of video conferences during the years of 2010-2013, and because of this, the departments are able to carry out discharge conferences through video to the extent that the municipalities are able to and want to.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen


Start: 2010
End: 2010


A web-based discharge conference is a conversation through video between the hospital departments, the municipality and the patient.


The project was carried out in collaboration with the Municipalities of Langeland, Kerteminde and Faaborg-Midtfyn.



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Lea Bohn

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