Evaluation of tele-hospice

Dying and terminally ill patients on Aeroe (an island in southern Denmark) have since 2018 had access to tele-hospice. Now, CIMT has finished the evaluation and on that background and with the resulting adjustments, the Region of Southern Denmark now recommend keeping the tele-hospice as a permanent offer. The future of the tele-hospice is decided on 22. June.

About the project

With the tele-hospice, residents on Aeroe can stay on the island in their last days and stay close to their relatives while still receiving specialised and palliative treatment. The hospice resembles an ordinary hospice apart from the 75 inch screen with direct video contact to Hospice Sydfyn and Odense University Hospital’s (OUH) palliative team.

Evaluation results

During the project period of 13 months, six patients were admitted to the tele-hospice. The project was  a process of change for the staff at Aeroe Hospital , because they had to expand their competences to include complex problem areas of palliative care. It turned out to be a challenging task to keep staff updated on the specialised field of palliation with the relatively small amount of patients and it was difficult to obtain experience and routine.

The staff was of the impression that patients and relatives benefitted from the video consultations and the tele-hospice. Exchange of experience and knowledge between Hospice Sydfyn and Aeroe Hospital should happen prior to the video consultation where patients and relatives could then be involved in the final coordination of treatment and care.

The project cost EUR 506.849.