Telemedicine for foot ulcers

Diabetes may cause bothersome and difficult foot ulcers, which are time and resource consuming to treat. At worst the foot ulcers can result in an amputation of toe, foot or leg. 


Patients with diabetic foot ulcers have to come to hospital for treatment frequently, but with telemedicine they can be treated in their own home or by a nurse at a nearby clinic.

The nurse is in contact with a specialist via telemedicine which means that the specialists rarely see the foot ulcer with his/her own eyes. When the specialists primarily see the ulcers in pictures, it turned out that the existing, manual measurements of foot ulcers was not sufficient. It is important to know the exact measurements for an ulcer for the treatment, and therefore the idea for 3D photos of the ulcers emerged.


  • Patients spend less time and resources on transport to and from the hospital.
  • The 3D photos give a more accurate treatment than ordinary photos which can shorten the treatment time.
  • The more accurate treatment prevents unneccessary complications and hospitalisations.
  • The camera can also be used at local hospitals, in home care, at institutions etc.


As part of the programmes “The Danish Academy” from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, reporters made a video about the 3D camera, what it means for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and the cooperation  between the hospital staff and industrial partners.

Watch the video (in Danish)