Telemedicine for hip fractures caused by osteoporosis

In Denmark, approx. 10,000 patients are admitted for treatment of hip fractures every year, and almost all of them needs to be surgically treated. Hip fractures are the most common cause of admissions to an orthopaedic surgical ward.

The costs related to a fracture caused by osteoporosis are heavy – both to the patient, in form of the loss of functional capacity and pain, to the relatives and to the society in a health economic perspective.

On completion of treatment, the patients experience the feeling of being less equipped for discharge than other medically surgical groups. In addition, the patients experience a great dependence on others and great concern about the new situation. It is known that the safety of the patient may be increased by means of communication and knowledge, both with the individual patient, but also across sectors.


The aim of the project was to develop a telemedical solutions, in which health professional knowledge and expertise were made useable for the everyday life of the patient. It will contribute to create safety and support the ressources and capabilities of the patient – thus enhance the empowerment of the patient.

The patients in the project were all from Funen and surrounding islands, and they were discharged to their private home.

Jane Clemensen


Start: January 2016
End: December 2018′

The PhD defence took place on 14 December 2o18.

The project was a PhD project by Charlotte Myhre Jensen.

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The project was funded by means from [email protected].


Jane Clemensen

Jane Clemensen

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