Telemedical Hospice – Evaluation of effects

Today, only few patients from the island of Aeroe take advantage of the opportunity to be admitted to a hospice even though they are in need of pain relieving (palliative) care on a specialised level and meet the criteria for hospice.

The nearest hospice to Aeroe is Hospice Sydfyn in Svendborg, which requires taking a ferry from Aeroe. Many dying patients and their relatives emphasise the importance of staying in the home environment, and this may contribute to the patients rejecting hospice care. Therefore, as part of the development of the coherent health service, there is a need for testing new possibilities for increased collaboration on this specialised treatment.


To overcome the distance and offer specialized palliative care to the citizens of Aeroe, a “Telemedicine hospice bed” has been established at Aeroe Hospital. Here, the patient and local healthcare staff can have specialised counselling via video with Hospice Sydfyn and the affiliated doctors from Palliative Team Fyn (from the Department of Oncology at OUH). The video connection is also used to provide specialist guidance and support to the staff at Aeroe Hospital who are new to giving palliative care to patients.

The project will examine if the opening of the telemedicine service increases the use and quality of specialised palliative care for patients located on Aeroe. In addition to this, the project will examine if patients experience an increase in quality of life and comfort by the use of telemedicine.


The assessment looks at the expectations and prerequisites for establishing a telemedicine hospice at Aeroe hospital as well as describe preliminary experiences with the use of the telemedicine solution.Anne Lee
Mette Bøg Horup


Start: April 2018
End: end of 2019


The project is funded by the Regional Council in the Region of Southern Denmark.

{:da}Telemedicinsk Hospice - Evaluering af effekt{:}{:gb}Telemedical Hospice - Evaluation of effects{:}


Tessa Lind Gjødesen

Tessa Lind Gjødesen

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Mette Bøg Horup

Mette Bøg Horup

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Anne Lee

Anne Lee

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