System for patient monitoring

A significant part of patients hospitalised at the Emergency Department (FAM) experience an impairment during their hospitalisation. It is difficult to detect the impairments before they become serious because the staff treats many different patients, diseases and injuries under great stress. Some of the impairments lead to a transfer to intensive care, heart/respiration failure or death. The staff have patient monitors at their disposal, but the majority of the automatic readings are not used.


The vision for this project is to improve an existing prototype of a new patient monitoring system and to evaluate if the system reduces unexpected impairments. The new system starts by using the existing models but ensures that no reading gets lost. The readings are processed and boiled down to a colour system containing green, yellow, orange and red. Based on the development of the colours the nurses can quickly spot patients with an increased risk of developing life-threatening complications.


The system is evaluated in a randomised study across the Emergency Departments in Odense and Esbjerg during a period of nine months. During this period, all hospitalised patients are included (the goal is 10,500 patients). Subsequently, the effect of the system is evaluated from a clinical, technical and organizational perspective.

Thomas Schmidt Uffe Kock Wiil


Start: February 2017
Slut: December 2019


The project further develops results from a previous PhD project. The results of the PhD project and the new system has been mentioned in a wide range of media, e.g. TV2 Fyn, Aktuel Naturvidenskab and Danish Nurses Organization’s Academic News.

The project is carried out in the context of [email protected].

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The project further develops results from a previous PhD project.

The project is based on Software Engineering by the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute (MMMI) at the Technical Faculty at the University of Southern Denmark, and it is a partnership between MMMI and the Emergency Research Unit at the Emergency Department of OUH.


The previous PhD project was funded by [email protected]. The current course is funded by SDU’s efforts for strategic growth areas.


Thomas Schmidt

Thomas Schmidt

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