Cooperation with educational institutions

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) cooparates with students and educational institutions in a lot of different contexts. With the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) as a part of CIMT, CIMT has education and students as a fundamental idea.

CIMT has trainees from both SDU, University College Lillebaelt (UCL) and the Lillebaelt Academy (EAL), and we participate in education days for school pupils in order to tell about health innovation.

CIMT – personified by the researchers Jane Clemensen and Dorthe Boe Danbjørg – has contributed to the development of a course on health technology and user participation at the Master of Science in Nursing at SDU.


InnoEvent – InnoEvent is a week with focus on education and innovation. The event is put together by OUH, EAL and UCL, and 150 students compete to develop innovative solutions for the health sector. Through InnoEvent, OUH can get inspiration for new solutions for current problems. A new way of working and a new digital foundation is necessary in order to realise the vision for New OUH, and InnoEvent is a ‘playground’ where the students’ creativity can run freely and be applied to a real context; running one of the biggest hospitals in the country. Companies are also part of the event. They meet future employees and health professionals, present products and services and obtain the newest knowledge on the year’s theme. Innoevent has existed since 2010. It is a registered concept and also established in Tampere, Finland and Barcelona, Spain.

InnoRace – a cooperation between CIMT, Odense University Hospital, EAL and Microsoft. The hospital sets task from the daily routine in the clinic and in cooperation with the professionals, Microsoft and the students suggest solutions. InnoRace was first arranged in 2017.

Health Tech Innovator – HealthTech Innovator is an innovation course where students from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU learn how developing technology can solve clinical and health related problems.


The many PhD students are a pivotal part of CIMT. They conduct research in many different combinations of health and technology.

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