RoOs – a resource and task management system

RoOs is a resource and task management system that ensures a general view and management of the task flow between different people in a department. In RoOs, it is possible to automatically enter tasks, eg when the patient arrives,

and it is possible to enter specific tasks, which are digitally communicated to the staff of the department.


The aim of the project was to make the distribution of tasks in the departments effective, and in that way reduce the number of distractions for the staff. In addition, registration tasks were to be handled digitally to release time for the staff for more important tasks.


Generally, the systems caused an experience of peacefulness for the staff to carry out their tasks. The minor internal disruptions between the staff were also reduced when using the digital system.

The task management system of RoOs has proven a great positive effect, but it is such a fundamentally logistic element, which makes it difficult to decide whether to implement it until the new structure for logistics at OUH and New OUH is decided.

Eva Lund


Start: January 2015
End: December 2016

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