RoOS implemented at the Department of ORL, OUH

The patient’s way through the system at the Department of ORL – Head & Neck Surgery at OUH is often affected by contact with different personnel groups. Often, the patient is given a form, which functions as a sort of conversation form between the clinicians that the patient meets. Previously, the healthcare providers distributed the forms on shelves in the hallway – papers with personal information about the patient.

Furthermore, the department generally spends a lot of its time on telephone conversations between staff and on tracking the patient’s way through the department or to other departments. The department has approx. 220 patient courses per day.


The project sought to facilitate communication between personnel groups and departments by digitalising it. The project therefore aimed to implement RoOS at the Department of ORL – Head & Neck Surgery through 3 phases:

  1. testing and implementation
  2. identification and development of standard notes and electronic registration of codes
  3. the digitalisation of communication in relation to courses of cancer packages


Phase 1 and 2 were implemented simultaneously in February 2018, and thus the communication became more digital.

That meant that every patient was entered into the system as an “assignment” when registering at arrival, and the staff was able to view the patient’s way through the department. This was time-saving for the staff because they did not have to follow the patient physically, and the forms were filled out digitally in the system and were kept private.

In addition, the automation robot Manatee had facilitated the working procedures in relation to standard notes and ensured a real-time and automatic electronic registration of the code sheet, which is mandatory in reporting to the Danish National Patient Register. It works by having the heathcare providers bring forward code sheets when together with the patients, where they check the right boxes and the answers are registered in Cosmic. The system creates a standard note, which means that only specific boxes need to be checked from time to time. This provides faster working procedures and makes notes more coherent and in that way more efficient.

Eva Lund


Start: October 2017
End: October 2018

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The project was funded by funds from Nursefinder.


Lea Bohn

Lea Bohn

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