Roberta – robot cart for in-between meals at department A at Svendborg Hospital

In-between meals are considered important – especially to nibbling patients. 50% of energy and protein should be covered by in-between meals but due to hectic workdays, a lot of patients aren’t offered these meals. It is therefore difficult for patients to get their daily intake of protein and energy covered, which is why Roberta the Robot Cart was invented. Roberta is a robot cart with an installed cooling system developed to lessen the clinical staff’s workload as well as secure that nibbling patients get offered in-between meals three times a day.


Roberta the Robot Cart will take part in the New OUH’s nutrition concept.


This project aims to test whether nibbling patients get offered in-between meals more often when offered by Roberta the Robot Cart. The project also aims to create more patient value as well as individual self-determination.


Start: 14th of October 2019
End: Medio January  2020

Gastrointestinal Department of Surgery in Svendborg is the pilotdepartment of the project.


The project is developed in collaboration with the dietitian of the department, the robot supplier Flextek, Innovation & MTV and Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at OUH. The project is lead by the kitchen section at OUH and the professional nutrition staff.



The project is financed by means granted by the Innovation Fund of OUH.


Anne Bøgegaard

Anne Bøgegaard

Innovation consultant | (+45) 2912 0917 | [email protected]