Digital Vision

Digital Vision is a project that makes the visions, for the hospital of the future at one department at Odense University Hospital (OUH), a reality.


Digital Vision represents a new approach to digital hospital transformation where we will perform a ‘deep dive’ into the workflows, patient segments and current challenges of one hospital department in order to achieve the full benefit of the digital potential and realise the possible synergies of a thorough transition to digital workflows.

The first phase of the project is to analyse the existing use of IT-systems and digital tools to identify problem areas within the IT-systems themselves and integration between systems. Next, innovative tools already in use in other departments will be implemented to get the full benefit of synergies and integrations.

Finally, the project will identify ‘digital gaps’ where OUH does not currently have solutions at the hospital to cover the need and then find or develop solutions specifically for that area.

Timetable for the project
Timetable for the project


Digital Vision aims to ensure smooth work flows, free time for the patients, reorganise activities and ease patient pathways. It will prepare the department for New OUH (the new hospital in Odense) – and create a model for similar transition of the other departments at OUH.

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The pilot department is the Department of Gastroenterology S which is a special department with both bedward, endoscopic ward, outpatient department and research centre. The department possesses approx. 150 staff-members and sees to approx. 200 patients a day in outpatient clinics, as well as the endoscopic ward and, have over 21 beds for hospitalised patients at their disposal. The department treats medical diseases in the gastroenterological area as well as the liver and sees to patients with needs for highly specialised treatment from all of the Region of Southern Denmark.