PhD students in CIMT

A large number of PhD students are part of Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT). The PhD students come from a wide range of educational backgrounds and conduct research in different areas within health technology.


Researcher Title of study Expected to finish
Kathrine Rayce Physical training via telemedicine for COPD patients in an everyday perspective – a cross-sector study  2020
Sune Møller Skov-Jeppesen Low energy shockwave therapy (LEST): A novel treatment for chronic kidney disease 2020
Pernille Kjærgaard Christiansen Mom-IT: An innovative IT-solution for maternal weight loss after birth 2021
Bettina Trettin Telemedicine for patients with psoriasis 2021
Ali Ebrahimi A Predictive Model to Detect Alcohol Use Disorder 2021
Camilla Gry Temmesen Have the kids you want while you can; A study of age-related fertility problems and considerations on timing of motherhood 2022
Amin Naemi Predictive Models for Identifying Deterioration in Acutely Admitted Patients 2022
Linn Nathalie Støme Estimating utility applying behavioral data in early health technology assessment
Mohammad Naghavi-Behzad Response Monitoring of Metastatic Breast Cancer in Different Molecular Subtypes
Tanja Juhl Mikkelsen Improved care for patients with type 2 diabetes and schizophrenia 2023


Researcher Title of study Completed
Charlotte Nielsen Improving the kidney transplant process by using patient involvement and mHealth 20 January 2020
Sidsel Villumsen Methods for Monitoring Availability, Use and Effect of Health Information Technology Systems in Denmark 20 September 2019
Line Bisgaard Jørgensen Volumetric Measurements for Monitoring Ulcer Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Venous Leg 29 August 2019
Tina Dalager Musculoskeletal pain among surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery 29 May 2019
Charlotte Myhre Jensen How can treatment of patients with hip fracture be improved promoting patient’s self-care and empowerment. A participatory design study. 14 December 2018
Mathias Tiedemann Svendsen A patient-centered intervention study to improve medical adherence in psoriasis patients treated with topical corticosteroid/calcipotriol preparations  13 December 2018
Pernille Ravn Jakobsen mHealth for women with osteoporosis – a viable solution for a more user centric approach? A participatory design study to develop an mHealth solution.  August 31 2018
Anette Tanderup Hospital at home – Feasibility study of a telemedicine supported “hospital at home” for acute geriatric patients August 28 2018
Carl Brandt Long-term effects of interactive online nutrition and weight-loss counselling in general practice (LIVA) – A randomised controlled trial August 24 2018
Isabelle Mairey Economics of telemedicine June 7 2018
Iben Fasterholdt Early realistic assessment of innovative medical technologies in hospitals (EARTH) February 2018
Robin Kok Internet-based treatment of phobias in outpatient clinics January 2018
Kristina Garne Holm Early home stay: The use of telemedicine for parents of premature children admitted at home December 2017
Ellen Raben Pedersen Speech Intelligibility Test for Clinical Practice September 2017
Daniel Bjerring Jørgensen Towards Patient-Centric Telehealth: a Journey into ICT Infrastructures and User Modeling August 2017
Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig Validity of studies of innovative medical technologies: Selected elements of external validity June 2017
Thomas Schmidt Identification of high-risk patients at the Emergency Department at OUH. Analysis of patient data for the development of a new model for the identification of high-risk patients. February 2016
Benjamin Schnack Rasmussen Telemedicine Consultations for Treatment of Diabetic Patients With Foot Ulcers in the Region of Southern Denmark – Randomized Prospective Study October 2015
Mette Maria Skjøth The use of eHealth in the communication with patients concerning prenatal diagnostics September 2015
Dorthe Boe Danbjørg A lifeline connecting new parents with the hospital: Using Participatory Design to develop and test app for parents being discharged early postnatal May 2015
Anne Dichmann Sorknæs The effects of real-time telemedicine video consultations between nurses and patients with severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) September 2013


Are you a PhD student, and are you interested in being a part of the CIMT network? Send an e-mail to [email protected]