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[email protected] is the largest welfare technological research and innovation project in Denmark. During the course of the project, 40 new products and services are expected to be developed. The products and services will be supporting the increasing need within the health sector for i.a. better and faster rehabiliation, more outpatient treatments and the admission of patients to their private home.

The development of new services is carried out through an interdisciplinary and public-private collaboration between health personnel, private companies and research institutions.


During the course of the project, OUH has initiated and concluded a wide range of projects – i.a. fast track projects that, as the name implies, can be initiated and concluded quickly; typically within 6-9 months. An example of a fast track project is Google Glass, where already developed technology was tested in a hospital context.

Additional projects at OUH during [email protected] is i.a.:


Start: January 2012
End: January 2018

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Kristian Kidholm

Kristian Kidholm

Head of Research, Professor | (+45) 3058 6477 | [email protected]