The number of elderly citizens in our society is increasing, and this will put the health services under pressure because an advanced age increases the risk of chronic diseases and acute admissions.

The Municipality of Svendborg has established emergency nurses in the domiciliary care, who carry out common examinations (such as blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation) in the home of elderly citizens with risk of acute admissions. The emergency nurse is able to call the doctor of the elderly citizen for further instructions if necessary.


The aim of the pilot project PAATH was to study the possibilities of uploading home measurements into a joint IT platform, which is accessed by both hospitals and general practitioners.

By an immediate upload into a joint IT platform, the doctor of the elderly patients is able to view the test results. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings in an acute situation, and it provides a better basis for decision-making. With an early discovery and intervention,  the prevention of some acute admissions of elderly citizens is expected.


PAATH was concluded in May 2017, and because of the great results, it was extended to the GERI-suitcase project.


Start: January 2016
End: May 2017




Lea Bohn

Lea Bohn

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