OUH LINKS: New book on strategic innovation in healthcare

Odense University Hospital has a unique, strategic approach to innovation, and their new book OUH LINKS – Strategic Innovation in Healthcare is a collection of experience, knowledge and advice from many years of innovation projects and conscious, strategic efforts devoted to health innovation.

The book provides unique insight into OUH’s strategic approach to innovation as well as ideas and experience from key actors in the Danish healthcare sector, including:

  • Stephanie Lose, Chair of Danish Regions and Chair of the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Pia Gjellerup, Director of the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI)
  • Christian Bason and Sara Gry Stregler from Danish Design Centre

In addition, several researchers from the CIMT network as well as Head of CIMT Tessa Lind Gjødesen and Innovation Professor Kristian Kidholm have contributed to the book.

OUH LINKS is an easy-to-read and applicable book on strategic innovation at one of Denmark’s largest hospitals; the why, the how, the good examples and the difficulties. Easy to copy into your own context with the ambition of strategic innovation.

The English version of OUH LINKS is only available online. Read the book here.

OUH LINKS: New book on strategic innovation in healthcare