The Innovation council of OUH

As a part of Odense University Hospital’s focus on strategic innovation, an innovation council has been established. The council is responsible for the strategic prioritisation of innovation at OUH and for ensuring execution of activities in the innovation strategy. The Innovation Council is also responsible for awarding grants from the internal Innovation Fund and evaluating applications for the funds.

The Innovation Council consists of management representatives from both OUH and SDU, along with select key personnel from OUH.

See the members of the OUH Innovation Council here:



The innovation fund at OUH was established in 2015 to strengthen and support the innovation efforts around the hospital by providing funding to strategically relevant innovation projects. The fund awards 2 million DKK annually (approximately 270,000 €) to selected projects that are in line with the current innovation strategy for the hospital as well as the OUH vision “patient first”.


OUH has an annual, internal Innovation Day where knowledge and inspiration is shared. Projects funded by the OUH Innovation Fund share results of their work at the Innovation Day the following year.

The Innovation Day also marks the celebration of the OUH innovation prize called the “RAP-award”. During the day the finalists for the award pitch their solutions and a winner is chosen among them. The award is given to a Relevant and Ambitious Project at one of the departments of OUH. Several of the members of the Innovation Council are judges at the RAP-award.