One of the new super hospitals in Denmark, New OUH, will be situated in Odense. New OUH is expected to open in 2022. The new super hospitals will centralise expertise and treatment at fewer hospitals with fewer beds.

The super hospitals will treat at least as many patients as we do today – but with less money and with fewer beds for hospitalisations. Additionally, we will live longer in the future than before despite chronic illnesses. Thus, we anticipate a future with more elderly people, increasing life expectancy despite illnesses and hospitals with fewer beds.

It may sound contradictory, but with innovation and medical technology, we are able to offer new, mobile and adaptable health services, which will make treatment “at a distance” possible.

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology supports Odense University Hospital in the changes and new workflows that come with New OUH. We test and implement new technology and workflows which will make many patients less dependent on the physical surroundings of the hospital for their treatment.

The new hospital “New OUH” will furthermore bring the university and the hospital even closer together, as they will be united physically.


The first sod for New OUH was cut in 2016, and the hospital is expected to open 2022.

Visit the New OUH website.