Kidney transplant

Kidney transplantation is the preferred treatment for patients with chronic kidney failure (renal failure) at OUH. Studies show that kidney transplanted patients have a better quality of life than a patient on kidney dialysis.

This is due to fewer adverse drug reactions, complications and restrictions in their everyday life. After the transplantation, the possible side effects are ranked second to the increased quality of life experienced by the patients. Kidney transplanted patients experience great freedom compared to patients under kidney dialysis, but the entire course is built on close contact with the health services with ambulatory ascertainments and blood samples.


The aim of the PhD project was to create new possibilities of patient involvement in the course of kidney transplantation by means of a telemedical solution. The telemedical solution was to support the needs of the patients and their collaboration with the health professionals in the course of kidney transplantation.

The project was built on participatory design, and the close connection with the user ensured that the results were based on the actual needs experienced by the patients.


The project resulted in the design and development of a course for kidney transplant patients in the app My Hospital and a new workflow for follow up which made it possible to carry out every second consultation via telephone. The app supports the patients with information to prepare them for their encounter with the healthcare sector and a function where they can register their own measurements and well-being by answering questions on fluid balance, appetite, activity, mood and medicine.

The app gave the patients more structure, increased their ability to reflect on their own state and gave them a stronger voice in the follow-up consultations. The healthcare professionals could use the patients home monitored data and answers to better prepare for consultations. In that way, the app strengthened the coherence between the patients’ everyday life and the knowledge of the health professionals. In addition, the telephone consultations increased flexibility for the patients.ane Clemensen


Start: April 2016
End: fall of 2019


The project is carried out with support of EWII Value Funds, the Region of Southern Denmark, Danish Nurses’ Organization and  Nyreforeningen.

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