New senior researcher at CIMT

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology is very happy to welcome Astrid Janssens as our new senior researcher.

Astrid is Associate Professor at the Research Unit of User Perspectives at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark (SDU). She has a background in psychology and anthropology and completed her PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerpen, Belgium.

Before moving to Denmark, Astrid worked at the University of Exeter Medical School, United Kingdom for seven years where she was member of the Institute of Health Research which has a long history of involving patients and clinicians in health research. Astrid was member of the renowned Patient and Public Involvement Team where she used innovative methods to ensure meaningful patient and public involvement and engagement were embedded in all steps of the research cycle.

Likewise, patient involvement will also be her focus area at Odense University Hospital (OUH), because the hospital wishes to create a common understanding for and implement user perspectives as an integrated part of its service. In the long term, OUH plans to establish a centre for patient involvement which will focus on research into patient involvement and implementation of the results from that research.

Astrid Janssens says: “It is very exciting to be able to work on one of the hospital’s key objectives for the years to come: developing a culture in which co-production is a routine means by which services and research are designed and developed. I am very much looking forward to meet with and learn from researchers and clinicians who are involving patients and carers in their research activities as well as those wanting to explore this collaborative approach”.