App to help relatives to critically ill

CoLab Odense is in collaboration with three different CoLabs in the network of CoLab Denmark at work on testing the app Relabee for relatives to critically ill patients – a neglected target group as yet.

In relation to prolonged courses of disease, relatives are at risk at suffering from stress or other serious diseases. Therefore, the aim of the project is to study whether the app may reduce the stress experienced by the relatives.

“It is often the relatives, who are in charge of the practical assignments in relation to a prolonged course of disease,” Innovation consultant at CoLab Odense Malte Kongstad Deleuran says. “The thought is that the app may assist in providing a general view, as all of the information concerning the disease is united. At the same time, the app provides the relatives with the possibility of getting help from family and friends for specific, practical tasks.”

CoLab Odense is collaborating with H.C. Andersen’s Children’s Hospital, who are testing the app for relatives to children in difficult courses of treatment. Because the patient is a child, the network of family and friends, who claim to be updated on the course of the child, is large. Malte Kongstad Deleuran clarifies further: “The advantage of this target group is – besides the network’s ability to provide help with practical tasks – that the information about the child’s course of disease or the daily examination may be distributed to the entire network at the same time.”

Broad test in the works

The app is being tested in CoLabs throughout the entire Region of Southern Denmark. During the project, four CoLabs are collaborating with the company Relabee and four different clinical departments and target groups at the hospitals in the region. “The strength of the CoLab network is that we are able to test technologies across the region and thereby engage various groups of relatives and health professionals. This provides the municipalities and hospitals with knowledge about the values of the app for the the relatives  and through this a way of recommend the app to new target groups,” Mette Damkjær Syse, project manager at CoLab Odense explains.

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The aim of the project is to clarify whether the app Relabee may reduce the stress that relatives to critically ill experience. At the same time, the project is to study if the app may benefit the health care providers, who are experiencing difficulties with finding offers for the patients.

Relabee may be used by relatives to patients diagnosed with a variety of diseases. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from App Store/Google Play or accessed through

CoLab Odense is collaborating with H.C. Andersen Children’s Hospital and is testing the app for relatives to children in difficult courses of disease. CoLab West has initiated a collaboration with South-West Jutland Hospital, where it is being tested for patients with dementia. CoLab Lillebaelt and  Hospital Little Belt is collaborating on testing the app for relatives to patients at the neonatal department. In CoLab Recovery and Rehab the app is tested widely in the psychiatry I collaboration with PsychInfo, The Everyday Testers of the Psychiatry and Better Psychiatry.