Network and cooperation is in our DNA

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) is designed for cooperation and network by the close link between university and hospital.

CIMT coordinates and facilitates cooperation on health innovation with relevant businesses, municipalities and educational institutions in Odense and the Region of Southern Denmark.

In addition, we are closely connected with regional clusters for innovation, health, welfare technology, public-private partnerships etc. And we cooperate with national partners and environments such as Welfare Tech, Healthcare Denmark, the Agency of Digitisation, Ministry of Health og MedCom.

CIMT has a strong international network, and we are an acknowledged partner and project manager on international projects.

We are always looking for new working relationships with private companies, municipalities, educational institutions, so don’t hold back!



The CIMT Academy is a forum for knowledge sharing for researchers, clinicians and others with relation to CIMT or a special interest in innovation and technology in the health sector.

The CIMT Academy takes place on the first Tuesday every month at 1 pm – 2.30 pm at OUH.

Please contact Kristian Kidholm or Mette Maria Skjøth, if you would like to join the CIMT Academy.

CoLab Odense

CoLab Odense is part of OUH Innovation and thereby part of CIMT. CoLab facilitates cooperations between the health sector and private companies working with health technology to develop and test the best solutions to treat and care for citizens in their own home.

CoLab works to strengthen the cross-sectoral cooperation between hospitals and municipalities. Focus is on those needs and challenges which arise in cross-sectorial patient pathways.

CoLab Odense offers:

  • Cooperation across health sectors
  • Project management
  • The possibility to test technology in practice
  • Network in the health sector and among companies

Read more about CoLab Odense.

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