During the evening, there are less staff and resources at the departments of the hospital, and there is no clear picture of staff, special competencies, resources and workflow.

Nervecentre is an IT system, which can be accessed through PC, smartphones and tablets that ensures effective communication between the health staff and effective management of assignments.

Nervecentre was implemented as a pilot project at the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at OUH and the Mother/baby Department H6 at Hans Christian Andersen Children’s Hospital, OUH.

In the system, an employee is able to state which assignments that need to be solved for the given patient, the description of the assignment and the urgency.


The aim of the pilot project was:

  • To test the usability of the solution in relation to the clinical processes and as a calling function
  • To assess the technical solution and ensure coherence with other IT systems
  • To assess the potential of the solution for supporting the quality processes
  • To assess the usability of the solution at other departments and hospitals in the Region and also New OUH.


Some start-up difficulties emerged, but the staff came to appreciate the functions of Nervecentre, which have provided them with a better general view of the assignments of the department.

In the meantime, a similar system has emerged, which works more effectively with the existing IT systems at OUH. Therefore, the implementation of Nervecentre was shelved, at testings of the other system (RoOS) started at different departments of OUH.

In connection with the pilot project, a systematic assessment based on the MAST model was carried out to ensure a well-founded basis for decision-making for the further process.


By extension, there were developed a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with the purpose of assessing the consequences and prerequisites for using Nerve Centers at the Gynecological-Obstetrics Department D – Odense, and section H6, Odense Hospital and Svendborg Sygehus. These sections focused on organizational and economic effects.

Mette Frydensbjerg Bøg Eva Lund


Start: fall 2013
End:  2014



Lea Bohn

Lea Bohn

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Mette Bøg Horup

Mette Bøg Horup

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