HTA about prevention of patient falls at hospitals

People are hospitalised in order to improve their health. Therefore, it is an important task for the hospital to avoid unintended incidents, for example, if the patient falls. None the less, patient falls are frequent and it often causes serious consequences for the patient.


The aim of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) was to create a sufficient assessment of the prerequisites for and the consequences of implementing technologies that should help preventing patient falls at hospitals. The inclusion of both screening tools and interventions in the project has the effect that is should be able to work as a foundation for developing initiatives to prevent patient falls at the hospitals of the Region of Southern Denmark.


The results showed that all respondents (patients, relatives and health professionals) evaluated the prevention of fall to be a top priority and that the patients were willing to accept various restrictions, probably because the patients thought it is more important to avoid falling than to be restricted during their hospitalisation. There was a non-uniformity between what was considered acceptable for patients (and relatives) compared to the health staff, as the health staff were more positive towards restrictive methods. Furthermore, patients reported that they have changed their behaviour after having received patient education in the prevention of falls and that patients, as well as relatives, were involved in the decisions about the use of restrictive methods.


Start: 2009
End: July 31, 2010


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Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig

Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig

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