HTA about hospital-based procedure-coordination

Department of Immigrant Medicine (DIM) receives patients from a different ethnic origin than Danish with complicated and compound health problems, that calls for interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation. The former process has shown that this type of patients belongs in a highly specialised hospital regime in the phase of discovery to diagnosis – they are referred because of the fact that the primary health care can’t comprehend the complex health problems and many of the patients have shown to have significant untreated bodily problems, that need specialised hospital assessment, in any case. Therefore, the project hospital-based procedure-coordination was planned.


The overall purpose of the project was to study the effects of the activity in DIM in an HTA perspective. Specifically, the following part-studies were planned:

  1. Literature-based walk-through of the already-existing evidence for the effects of hospital-based procedure-coordination for patients from a different ethnic origin than Danish
  2. A retrospective study of the register of effects on patients uses of public services.


In the report’s first part-study – the systematic study of literature – searched in databases of relevance for the individual HTA-element, such as PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, Cochrane Library and Sociological abstracts. Furthermore, literature from DIM’s archives was included, among these internal evaluation reports, reports from professional consolidations and other material that wasn’t available in the bibliological databases.


The results showed that DIM probably was the only one of its kind in Europe. As a consequence of this, the scientific evidence for the effects of hospital-based procedure-coordination for patients of different ethnic origin than Danish, as completed at DIM, was severely sparse. Therefore, DIM completed various small internal evaluations of their own, which generally showed positive results of the hospital-based procedure-coordination.


Start: 2013
Slut: April 2014




Anne Mette Ølholm

Anne Mette Ølholm

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