MoreCare equipment robot

There is a shortage of health care workers on the hospitals which affect the working conditions for the health care workers and the quality of the care for the patients. When the health care workers are moving away from the patient to get equipment, linen etc. the time for care is reduced, and therefore, there is a need for the health care workers to have the equipment right at hand, so that they can stay with the patient


On the basis of knowledge and experience from previous projects, the aim of the project MoreCare is to develop a mobile service robot that can bring equipment etc. from local depots to the patient wards. It will be possible for the health care workers to call the robot via a smartphone so that the robot is able to be ready with the equipment at the patient ward when the health care worker needs it. The robot is going to be developed and qualified at the hospital and in cooperation with the health care workers that are going to use the robot as well as ensure the daily performance of it.

A lot of hospitals is already using Mobile Service Robots (MSR) for the transportation of products in for example basements and other locations, where there are no patients, relatives or staff without knowledge of robots. In the clinical departments, MSRs is used in a very limited extent, even though there is a big potential for supporting the health care workers and service workers in their daily work. It will release time for the main task.

The limited use of MSRs in the clinical departments is mainly because of the special demands for interaction, interface and handling emergencies, hygiene etc.


Start: July 2019
End: December 2020


The project is accomplished in cooperation with the Department of Geriatric Medicine and Building Management and Service at the Odense University Hospital.


The project is funded by the innovation pool of OUH.


Malte Kongstad Deleuran

Malte Kongstad Deleuran

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