Medical assessment of technology of acupuncture for pregnant people

There is increasing usage of alternative treatment among the Danish population. For one thing, acupuncture is being offered as a treatment in the health sector, for specific disorders. This is despite the evidence behind acupuncture is undetermined in more than one area. In the obstetric department, acupuncture has found its place where it is used as a replacement for or a supplement for treatment with some pregnancy discomforts.


The aim of this assessment was to qualify the current clinical guidelines and instructions for acupuncture treatment of pregnant people and gynaecological obstetrical department D, OUH with a focus on the pregnancy discomforts nausea and vomiting (emesis/hyperemesis), pelvis related pain and depression/anxiety. Furthermore, the project was to assess the acupuncture as a comprehensive offer of treatment seen from a patient, organisational and economical perspective.


Based on the report’s total of results, it was recommended that the birthplace as a minimum offers acupuncture treatment for the group of pregnant people with pregnancy-related nausea (emesis/hyperemesis). Furthermore, it is evident from the assessment, that the offer of acupuncture for pregnant people results in a relatively low cost.

Kristian Kidholm


Start: 2001
End: Dember 2015


Kristian Kidholm

Kristian Kidholm

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