MAS-AI in Medtech Insight

Medtech Insight is an international magazine based in the UK, and in the article they use MAS-AI as a starting point to explain why evaluating the value of AI is complex and where we should look for solutions.

The magazine writes: “The increased development of AI-enabled medtech means HTA bodies have a complex task on their hands. One set of researchers show how a multipronged approach is needed to assess the value of AI in medical imaging.”

Iben Fasterholdt, PhD and evaluation expert in CIMT, is one of the initiators of the development of MAS-AI and has been the driving force behind the development of the model. She is happy about the international publicity of the model: “I believe that with MAS-AI, we have created a holistic framework tool for the evaluation of AI, which will become absolutely central for healthcare personnel and decision-makers in the healthcare system as technologies with AI come to have an even larger part in the healthcare system of the future. But the first step to getting the model into use is knowledge of it, which is why we are really happy about the international publicity”.

Read the article “Why Measuring The Value Of AI In Medtech Is Complex, And Where Solutions Lie” here (requires login).