Kristian Kidholm – Professor of Innovation and head of research

Kristian Kidholm, Forskningsleder MTV

Head of Socio-Economic Research, PhD, associate professor

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Kristian Kidholm has developed the MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine), which is used as a framework to evaluate telemedicine. Today, the model is the most widespread evaluation model for telemedicine in the world, and Kristian travels around the world to present the model and to instruct in the use of it. The MAST model is recommended by the European Commission to ensure precise and reliable assessment of telemedicine in the health sector.

Kristian supervises PhD students, and he is head of the research group for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) at Odense University Hospital (OUH). The assessment of medical technology provides the hospital management with a research-based foundation for deciding whether a new form of treatment or technology should be made part of OUH’s service for patients.

”My aim is that we use technology and telemedicine, when it gives the patient a better experience and better treatment. And it must be proved and documented – we do not need new technology, because it looks fancy. It has to make a difference.”

Kristian regularly contributes to the debate in Danish specialist medias and provides an academic angle on the implementation of telemedicine and new technology in the health sector.

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