Senior researcher Knud Bonnet Yderstræde

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Consultant, clinic associate professor at the Department of Endocrinology of OUH and SDU, PhD.

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For many years, Knud Yderstræde has worked with diagnosis and treatment of patients with diabetes, including the handling of late complications of diabetes.

This group of patients is evident as users of medical technology, and Knud is part of a team that studies the possibilities of using video consultations to secure flexibility for the user and at the same time reduce the number of turnouts at the outpatient clinic.

Knud has particularly focused on “the diabetic foot”, and he has participated in a major regional project on telemedical treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and the development of a special 3D-technology for diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. Both areas have been covered by PhD projects.

As part of the national Patient@home project, Knud has participated in the development of technological solutions for patients with different chronic illnesses. He has  worked on technological solutions for patients with different ulcer problems including  chronic venous leg ulcers with the Centre for Ulcer Healing at OUH. For instance, Knud has helped develop equipment to measure the pressure under bandages by use of a bluetooth technique which enables monitoring the pressure development for patients with leg ulcers from a distance.

Knud has developed a large network in medical technology and takes this network with him into CIMT to further develop viable technological solutions within the health sector. Knud has been part of CIMT for several years and has also benefitted from the CIMT network of adjunct professors. In addition, he has much experience as a researcher and counsellor of PhD students.

Knud is a member of OUH’s POCT council (Point of Care Testing) in which he contributes to decisions on the implementation of solutions and technology that may reduce the need for patients to visit the hospital.  In brief, POCT means to test near the patient instead of at the hospital or at laboratories.

In addition, Knud is a member of CIMT’s Research Committee and OUH’s Innovation Council.