Jane Clemensen – Clinical Head of Research

Jane Clemensen

Clinical Head of Research, PhD, professor at the Hans Christian Andersen Children’s Hospital at OUH.

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Jane’s speciality is participatory design; a research design that is developed in computer sciences, but is adapted and developed for health sciences by Jane. Participatory design involves all stakeholders in the entire research process;patients, relatives, clinicians, the management and companies.

Jane is originally an educated nurse and has among many other thing been involved with introducing the graduate programme of clinical healthcare; MSc at SDU. Besides her research and supervison of a range of PhD students, Jane teaches different health scientific educations.

In the spring of 2017, she won the award for Researcher of the Year at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark, and in November 2017, Jane was appointed professor of telemedicine at the Hans Christian Andersen Children’s Hospital at OUH.

Jane is not affraid to ask the unusual questions and call “usual” into question. She wants to bring subjects, which are not usually mentioned in the health services into focus.

”It motivates me to change things into the better. I am eager to bring the research made by us into the world for patients and the common population. Research needs to come forward to work and make a difference”.

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