Innovative purchase of mobile services for cardiac patients

In connection with the EU project Unwired Health, CIMT received a grant from The Market Development Fund to support the process of preparing a different and innovative procurement procedure: the Pre-Commercial Procurement process.

The grant covered the preliminary phase (identification of needs in the region) of the procurement process as this phase was not covered by the funding of Unwired Health. Throughout the phase, needs and demands for solutions were to be mapped and described. 


The identification of needs phase was to ensure the preliminary work for the international procurement procedure received the necessary resources, thus making us able to make the most of the knowledge provided by the project.


After the identification of needs, the plan was to carry out a pre-commercial purchase at a European level together with the additional partners of the Unwired Health project. However, it emerged that it would result in inexpedient costs for the regions, and because of this, the project was concluded after the preliminary phase.


Start: January 2014
End: April 2016


The project was carried out in connection with Unwired Health



Lea Bohn

Lea Bohn

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