Kristian Kidholm – Professor of Innovation

Kristian Kidholm

Professor of innovation at OUH, Head of Research at CIMT

Adjunct Professor at St. Olav’s University Hospital and Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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Kristian Kidholm is Professor of Innovation at Odense University Hospital (OUH) and one of Scandinavia’s leading experts on evaluating the value of health technology.

Professor Kidholm is Head of Research at CIMT and in charge of coordinating and managing CIMT’s research activities, including the CIMT PhD Club, PhD courses etc.

“Odense University Hospital is a leading hospital when it comes to digital health technology such as patients apps, video consultations and home monitoring. My aim is that we use interdisciplinary research to ensure that our treatment options become even better by the use of new digital technologies and that we choose the technologies which make a difference and benefit the patients. We use technology to free time and resources with our staff, e.g. by  moving treatment to the patient’s own home.”


Kidholm has developed the MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine), which is used as a framework to evaluate the value of telemedicine. Today, the model is the most widespread evaluation model for telemedicine in Europe, and the MAST model is recommended by the European Commission to ensure comprehensive and research-based assessment of telemedicine in the health sector.

Kidholm travels around the world to present the model and to instruct in the use of it.


Kristian Kidholm has contributed to several books on HTA and hospital management, and he regularly contributes to the debate in Danish media on the health sector of the future. He is part of the Danish Treatment Council, where he advises on health economics in relation to prioritising treatment and health care in Denmark.

He teaches digital health technology and health technology assessment at the programme for medical studies and various other programmes at the University of Southern Denmark.

Kristian Kidholm is part of the network Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) together with researchers from  UC Berkeley and UC Davis in California, USA and the University of Aalborg in Denmark. As part of TTRN, Kidholm contributes to a line of annual PhD courses at the partnering universities. Professor Kidholm also supervises PhD students both in Denmark and abroad.