Innovation process

Innovation ideas may arise from all kinds of different sources. Ideas may come from the health personnel in the clinic, who experience a need in their workday. The idea may also come from an innovation consultant, who has become acquainted with a technological solution or has heard about a similar project in CIMT’s wide network. The idea may also come from a patient or relatives.

No matter where the idea comes from, the innovation project is always closely linked with a hospital department. The Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) only carries out projects that originate in a need at Odense University Hospital (OUH).

The innovation projects are always carried out in close collaboration with the employees of the hospital and often also in collaboration with patients and relatives. In the video, Diana Vinther, deputy midwife, speaks about collaborating with CIMT (in Danish):

The innovation consultants in CIMT follow the innovation process from the emergence of the idea to testing and assessment, implementation and upscaling, if the idea is a success. We ensure that the new technology is integrated with the hospital’s existing systems, i.e. the electronic patient journal.

The innovation process


The duration of innovation and research projects may vary a lot. Some are completed in six months, while others last several years.