Innovation prepares the health sector for the patients of the future

The patients of the future have different demands than we do today. We are already accustomed to taking care of most things from our smartphone; from transferring money to submitting building applications. And we increasingly expect the health sector to offer digital services as well. We want to be able to receive treatment and contact the doctor or nurse whenever. Even when we are on the move.

Innovation and medical technology enables new mobile and adaptable health services, which makes treatment from a distance possible. That way we can avoid many visits to the hospital and unnecessarily lengthy hosptalisations. To the benefit of the patients and their relatives, but also to the benefit of the hospital and our welfare society.

For that reason, the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) works across the health sector and research; to find the best solutions for the patients of the future and implement them – the sooner, the better.