Implementation of EHR systems

In our digital age, it can be a challenge to manage the replacement of outdated information and communication systems (ICT systems) and implement new up-to-date systems while maintaining productivity, service quality and data security.

The largest IT system in hospitals is the electronic health records (EHR system), which holds information on patients’ illness and treatment. A well-functioning EHR system is thus crucial to the quality of clinical work, staff workflows and resource consumption.

“Management of the implementation of EHR systems in the North Jutland Region and the Region of Southern Denmark” is a research project that examines the implementation and management of new EHR systems as well as possible effects on staff workflows and hospitals’ quality and productivity.


The aim of the project is to analyse the significance of differences in management for the results of the implementation process. This is to develop evidence-based knowledge of best practices for the replacement of large ICT systems in the healthcare system.

From a societal perspective, the project’s purpose is to strengthen Denmark’s position as a digital frontrunner through building knowledge about successful management and organisation of ICT implementation. At the same time, the research project must qualify the management and organisation in the implementation processes in the Region of North Jutland and the Region of Southern Denmark through ongoing feedback on the project’s results to the Regions.

The research project is expected to contribute knowledge to managements and organisations trying to implement new information and communication technology systems, including EHR. It can, for example, be knowledge of:

  1. Employees’ expectations and assessments of management style, activities and engagement, as well as resources for implementation and information before and during implementation of the EHR system.
  2. Employees’ use of the system and barriers to it.
  3. Changes in the departments’ registrations, productivity and treatment quality before, during and after the roll-out of the EHR system.



The research project is led in a collaboration between Professor Kristian Kidholm, Professor Morten Balle Hansen, Centre for Organisation, Management and Administration (AAU) and Professor Christian Nøhr, Centre for Health Informatics and Technology (SDU).


Kristian Kidholm

Kristian Kidholm

Research Manager, Professor | (+45) 3058 6477 | [email protected]

Thomas Schmidt

Thomas Schmidt

Senior Researcher, Associate Professor | (+45) 2423 7434 | [email protected]