ImpleMentAll at HIMMS Europe conference

On Wednesday June 12, ImpleMentAll representatives will present the project and preliminary outcomes at the HIMSS Europe conference in Helsinki, Finland.

ImpleMentAll is a European collaboration towards faster and more effective implementation of eHealth interventions. You can meet the ImpleMentAll project at the conference during the session “ImpleMentAll project: A new era of implementation”, which will be on Wednesday, June 12, at 16:30-17:30 in room 204 and 205.

The session is split in four consecutive parts. First, the session features a project description by the project coordinator, Claus Duedal Pedersen, including the aim and objectives of ImpleMentAll. He is followed by scientific coordinator, Christian Vis, who will provide an overview of the scientific background and development by presenting the tools ImpleMentAll uses to reach the goals of the project. These brief introductions are followed by a longer introduction to how a scientific approach can optimise the implementation process using examples from the project partners in Albania and Kosovo. Finally, the session will conclude with the views of Secretary General of EHTEL, Marc Lange, on implementation and capacity building in digital transformation.