ImpleMentAll – Getting eHealth Implementation Right

The health sector spends large amounts of time and money into developing, testing, and implementating  eHealth for a wide range of both physical and mental health problems. Nevertheless, very few eHealth solutions make it into routine care
and those that do, take many years to get there.

On the basis of experiences and results from previous EU projects (e.g. Renewing Health og MasterMind), ImpleMentAll is to develop a systematic approach to facilitate the implementation of telemedical solutions in the future. The right approach is found by collecting knowledge of development, use and assessment of the implementantion strategies used in different projects on eHealth and medical technology in a range of different countries. Previous research in the field is also included in the project.


The aim of ImpleMentAll is to develop a generic and adaptive approach to implementing eHealth solutions. The new approach will facilitate and ensure the implementation of telemedical solutions for both physical and mental disorders.

The project has the project partners’ ongoing implementation projects as a starting point.


The ImpleMentAll consortium is made up of 18 partners from 11 countries in Europe and Australia. The Region of Southern Denmark is the lead partner on the project.


The project is partly funded by SC1-PM-21-2016 in Horizon 2020. Besides that, the Australian partners are also funding a part of the project.


Start: January 2017
End: March 2021 (the programme has been transferred to The Centre for Telepsychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark)

Logo for ImpleMentAll: Getting eHealth implementation right