Economic analysis of the HEART Intervention

The Department of Infectious Diseases Q at Aarhus University Hospital has developed a holistic intervention (The HEART intervention) for HIV-infected patients to help the individual patient find his/her own resources and self-efficacy to regain lifebalance with a chronic disease – including the ability to handle everyday challenges and reduce the risk for stress and depression.


In 2014-2015 a randomized study was completed. Aarhus University Hospital expounded on the clinical effects and CIMT was responsible for the financial analysis. Therefore, we have scrutinised the resources spent on the intervention, i.e. the costs of offering the intervention to patients and the effect on the patients’ need for hospital services.

In addition, the socio-economic consequences in the form of altered connection with the labour market were explored.


The results from this small feasibility study indicate that it is possible to deliver an extra service for HIV-infected individuals in the form of a mind–body intervention at roughly similar costs compared with standard outpatient visits alone.


Start: 2016
End: February 2020


Read the full report on the project here. 


{:da}Økonomisk analyse af HEART Intervention{:}{:gb}Economic analysis of the HEART Intervention{:}


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