Health Games

Serious Games is a game supporting learning, development and rehabilitation. The Health Games project was a collaboration between organisations with clinical competences and companies with experience within the field of IT and games.


The aim was to study the potential for the development of games for the health sector and describe Best Practice for the collaboration between the game industry and the health sector. The project was to develop 2-4 prototypes with the potential of being set in production.


Primo: At the time of the project, expecting parents were given 23 booklets and brochures with relevant information. The project replaced all of the paper brochures with USB keys so that the pregnant woman only needs to keep track of one thing. The USB keys have later been replaced by the app My Hospital.

Game for the rehabilitation of hand surgical patients: With inspiration from the classic game of Pacman, the Health Games project developed a game in which the patient is to use force grasp to open and close Pacman’s mouth. The game was made for til rehabilitation of patients, who had been operated in the hand/hands. The game was a supplement to the additional training and is not to be used as the only form of rehabilitation, because it only serves to train a small part of the muscles and mobility of the hand.

Fight the stress monsters: Teachers are overrepresented in statistics on stress and other mental problems. The Health Games project developed an interactive video, which was to help prevent stress amongst, especially female teachers.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen


Start: April 2011
End: March 2013





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