Have the children you want while you can

 – women’s age-related fertility challenges and reflections on timing of motherhood

The age of Danish women at the birth of their first child has increased significantly in recent decades, and more and more women do not start a family until the age of 30, when the reproductive capacity of women is halved.

Involuntary childlessness (infertility) affects 10-15 % of couples at the age of 25-45 trying to have a child.

Fertility problems may have many reasons, but age is the largest cause of women finding it difficult to become pregnant, not having the desired number of children, or, at worst, not having the children they want at all.

Several studies show that both men and women lack knowledge of and underestimate the influence of age on fertility. Therefore, there is a need for preventive initiatives to respond to age-related fertility challenges and and a need to support women in timing the start of motherhood.


The aim of the PhD project is to elucidate on Danish women’s considerations concerning the timing of motherhood, including studying which underlying considerations women have when they postpone maternity.

The project is a qualitative study based on participatory design, and in collaboration with women of the reproductive age, health professionals, technology developers and the research community, the project will design and develop a technological solution. The solution will increase Danish women’s knowledge of fertility and reproduction, support women in the timing of motherhood, and give them an opportunity to relate to and act on their own fertility.

The aim is to create a solution that is able to meet the age-related fertility challenges of Danish women.

Jane Clemensen


Start: 2019
End: August 2024

The project is a PhD project by Camilla Gry Temmesen.

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The project is carried out in collaboration with the Fertility Counselling at Copenhagen University Hospital and Professionshøjskolen Absalon.


The project is funded by the joint research funds between Copenhagen University Hospital and OUH.

Additional funding is provided by Region Zealand, The Danish Association of Midwives, the Aase and Ejner Danielsen Fund as well as the foundation “En god start i livet”.



Camilla Gry Temmesen

Camilla Gry Temmesen

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Jane Clemensen

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