First Ph.D. course at CIMT

Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) is arranging the third Ph.D. course at the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies (CIMT) at Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark, August 12-16th 2019. It is the first Ph.D. course to take place at CIMT.

The course will have a special focus on research related to assessment of the outcomes and value of telehealth and on the implementation of these technologies in healthcare organizations. Problems and solutions in use of different research designs and methodologies in assessment of clinical outcomes, patient perception and acceptability, health economics and organisational impact will be discussed during the course.

The course has an interdisciplinary faculty from policy to medicine and engineering. As part of the course students will be able to meet and talk to researchers, doctors and nurses involved in different eHealth programs at the hospital, for example:

  • Home monitoring of COPD patients
  • Telemedicine for patients with diabetic foot ulcers
  • Home rehabilitation of COPD patients by video
  • PRO-data and mHealth app for assessment of the health status of patients with prostate cancer
  • Video as alternative for outpatient treatment of diabetes patients
  • Hospital at Home for premature infants
  • Home monitoring of ICD patients
  • eHealth for nurses in municipalities
  • eHealth for patients with hip fractures.
  • eHealth for prenatal-diagnostics
  • Tele-translation for patient from other countries
  • IV treatment in the patient’s home
  • eHealth apps in 30 clinical departments (40.000 downloads in 2017)

Registration opens in the fall. For more information: Contact head of research, Kristian Kidholm – email: [email protected]