Compilation of experience regaring the spreadning of telemedical home monitoring

The demographic development in Denmark is a still-growing challenge, as the elderly population is getting bigger, while the able-bodied population is getting smaller. This development will lead to an increase in the number of people with chronic diseases, as the risk of getting a chronic disease increases by age. In the national plan of action for the spreading of telemedicine from 2012, this challenge and the need for better use of resources in the public sector are described, and telemedical home monitoring might be the answer.


The overall aim for the Compilation of experience was to describe the experience so far with home monitoring by the means of telemedicine in relation to the Model for ASsessment of Telemedicine (MAST). In this way, a joint foundation of knowledge could be created for all concerned in the national coordination group for telemedicine in relation to evidence and potential effects by telemedical home monitoring. The report consists of three constituent parts:

  1. Constituent part 1: A literature review which shed light on the evidence of telemedical home monitoring in Danish and international literature.
  2. Constituent part 2: Status on the national telemedicine projects about home monitoring (based on MedCom‘s database over Danish telemedicine projects).
  3. Constituent part 3: A description of 11 chosen projects (8 Danish and 3 foreign) in relation to MAST.



Overall, the results showed that the level of evidence, at the time of execution of the compilation of experience, was too low to draw any general conclusions about the effects of telemedical home monitoring.  However, there was not found any negative clinical effects in the including studies and projects. In the upcoming years, there will be more studies on the area will be executed, but new research will still be a necessity in order to map especially the organisational and economical effects by telemedical home monitoring.


Start: may 2014
End: december 2014


The compilation of experience is executed by CIMT and ordered by the National Group of Coordination for Telemedicine. The Agency for Digitisation is at the head of the group of coordination, that additionally consists of KL, Danish Regions, the Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, The National Board of Social Services, the Danish Health Authority, MedCom, National Health-IT as well as representatives from the five regions and three councils.


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