eHealth for functional disorders among young people

Functional disorders are symptoms that exist to an extend where it affects the person’s daily ability to function and induces deteriorated life quality. The symptoms can’t be explained as a physical disease but are defined as a disorder where the brain and the body are overburdened from various reasons and therefore is not functioning as normal.

The basis of the study is that more and more children and young people with functioning diseases of the alimentary tract are directed to examination and observation under the auspices of the hospital. The main part of these children and young people are only seen once on an outpatient basis, after which they conclude their course and continue at their general practitioner.  The majority are then redirected again to the hospital, which indicates that they are not getting the optimal offer of treatment.


The purpose of this project is to both optimize the outpatient course for 12-17-year-olds with functioning diseases of the alimentary tract, as well as develop an eHealth offer in cooperation with young people. It is supposed to give the young people comfort in dealing with and live an as normal life as possible with increased empowerment and improve life quality as a goal.

The project is primarily qualitative and is based upon Participatory Design, which as a method actively involve both patients, relatives and health staff in the design and development of an electronic health offer.


Start: August 2020
End: August 2023


The project is a PhD-project of Rikke Pia Bendorf Andersen.


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The project is completed on Hans Christian Andersen Hospital for Children and Adolescents at Odense University Hospital in cooperation with Children’s Health, Queensland and Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.


eHealth for functional disorders among young people


Rikke Bendorf Andersen

Rikke Bendorf Andersen

PhD student, Master of Science in Health Science | [email protected]

Jane Clemensen

Jane Clemensen

Professor | (+45) 2434 2024 | [email protected]